Pro's and con's of being an INFJ

Monday, 23 April 2018

INFJ, pros, cons

A while ago I heard about the Myers - Briggs Personality test. I have always been inquisitive about the type of person I am and what makes me me. I always wondered because I was never like the other kids. I was never good at making many friends, I always had my nose in a book and I always, always needed time alone. Especially after school. It was like all the activities in the day just tired me out.

I am still like that and after work I just want the solitude of my home. I still prefer reading a good book to going to the club and I only have 4 good friends. I find it really hard to let people in too. 

When I took the Myers - Briggs test and saw that I was an INFJ, it all made perfect sense. I felt like I understood myself better. I understood why I didn't like certain things and why I loved my solitude so much. I would recommend anyone take the test. Especially if you are trying to find yourself.

So what are the pro's and con's of being an INFJ? Let's start with the con's and then the pro's.


I care too much and am very sensitive

As an INFJ, I know what it's like to care way too much. We wear our heart on our sleeves. I care about anyone I let in. But many times I let people in who I think care about me and I get my heart stomped on. This makes me very sensitive. I cry a lot. While watching movies, reading books or just when I feel like the world is too much. 

We want people around but we also want our solitude

I love being around great people, having fun and sharing experiences. But at the end of the day I need my solitude. I can't be around people for too long. When I started my current job, I battled with the open office and for the first two weeks I came home drained. Fortunately for my job I can work with my earphones in and that helps with the need for solitude.

I want to fix all the broken people.

I have a tendency to attract all the broken soul and in my caring nature I want to help everyone. I feel deeply for people who are struggling and I wish I could help them all. Sometimes it works and I can make life a little better for them but I sometimes also get burned by people who want help but not the kind of help I can offer. 

I am very private

Only a few of my work colleagues know anything about my life. I am extremely private and don't like to share my personal life with anyone. 


I am a loyal friend

Once I let you in, you can be sure that I will be super loyal. I will always be there for you and help you in which ever way I can. Again the caring nature comes into play. 

I am really creative

When I was in school, all I wanted was to do was creative projects and things that to do with lots of color. When we had to cut worksheets out, I used to use colored pens and highlighters to liven things up. When I finished school, I studied my first creative subject, Makeup Artist, and after that I followed up with a diploma in Interior Design. I am currently thinking of studying towards a diploma in Graphic Design. 

I have a huge imagination

I can get lost in fantasy books and movies any day of the week. Most of my books are fantasy series and I love them. So much actually that I am in the process of writing my own fantasy series. It is a work in progress but I can't wait for it to be finished. 

I am happy to be alone

I am happy to go to the movies alone, go out for coffee alone and spend time by myself. I'm not fiercely independent but I value my alone time and I can do things on my own. 

Have you taken the Myers - Briggs test? I would love to know your results and if you relate to them? 

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