Sorbet Gelish & Colors for Winter

Wednesday, 25 April 2018


I love getting my nails done. I think it looks elegant when a woman has her nails done. I remember walking past nail salons when I was younger and thinking how I couldn't wait to be older so I could get my nails done. 

My nails don't generally grow long and I tried acrylic tips just to achieve the length. Then I discovered Gelish, and I can say that I will never go back to anything else. My nails grow longer than ever before and the durability of Gelish is beyond amazing.

I know for the past few months, there have been complaints about Sorbet and how their nail application has given people infections. But I want to stress that we should not put all Sorbet stores under the same umbrella. There are many amazing Sorbet stores, like Sorbet Carlswald.

I have been going to Sorbet Carlswald for as long as I can remember. I have never once in all the time I have been going there received bad service or a botched nail application. The staff there are always positive and helpful. And my Gelish always comes out stunningly. 

I stress that I always go to the same wonderful lady, Tumi, (the only person who will ever touch my nails) and she does a brilliant job. Although we do have a power struggle about which colors I need to put on my nails. She wants me to choose the barbie pinks but I love my dark colors. And she would love for me to leave the glitter, but who can live without Vegas Nights? This power struggle will continue forever. The only pinkish color I will ever wear is this stunner in the picture above, She's my beauty. 

Side note: My gelish application last for 4 weeks. I never need to go for a reapplication at 2 weeks. 

For winter this year I have chosen a few beautiful shades that I will be trying out. I have listed them below. Always remember the color on the website looks different to the colour in the bottle. 


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