Inspired Interiors - First Apartment {with Checklist}

Friday, 27 April 2018


The thrill of moving into your very first apartment can sometimes be overwhelmed by the fact that you never know if you have everything you are going to need. Did you remember to get the kettle or the iron? I thought it would be handy to give you a rundown of things you will definitely need and a handy printable checklist.


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where good food and memories are made. There are a few important items you need. First off, Cutlery and crockery. Meaning your knives and forks plus your bowls and cups. You will obviously need these to eat with. You don't need to buy an expensive set, Mr Price Home does amazing sets for cheap and they last long. I know, I have had mine for about 8 years.

Next you will need pots and pans. To cook in, unless you only eat take away's. Always invest in the best set you can. And look after them and they will last at least 10 - 12 years. (that's how long I have had mine.) 

Other things you would need for the kitchen would be a kettle, dustbin, microwave, tupperware and a set of coffee, tea and sugar bowls. These are the basics and you can add as you need. 


The place to rest your head. First you will need a bed set. Invest in this piece as it will make or break your back. And you want to be comfortable at night. You will then need sheets, comforters and duvets. For the beginning 2 sets will be enough. A night stand to put your lamp on is always recommended. For curtains you will want lined curtains, to block out all the light and create a peaceful atmosphere. 


For the bathroom, you don't need a lot of items. When choosing towels, choose a good quality and get about 3 sets. A bathroom needs a good bathmat so that you don't slip when you are climbing out. Other things you will need are a toilet brush, plunger and a wash cloth. Oh don't forget the shower caddy to store all your items.

All items from MrP Home

Living Room

The one room in your place that will be used more than others. You want it to be comfortable and a place where your friends can chill. A good and sturdy couch is always an investment. Again investing in it will last you a long time. A coffee table and side tables to place your drinks on so they don't spill all over. Any lounge needs a TV and a TV stand. My favorite TV brand will always be Samsung. Haven't had issues with mine in 6 years. Also always get a lamp. It will save power when using instead of having the main light on.


Decor is something that changes with everyone. We all have our own style and taste. But the basics that you can get are wall art. Mr Price Home does a great selection of canvas art and art pieces. Candles always add to the atmosphere. And are there when the power is out. Throw cushions add colour and comfort. And don't forget the rugs. If you have tiles in our lounge and bedrooms, having a rug will add warmth in winter.

Extra Items

These extra items are basically cleaning items and items that are needed in every home. A vacuum for the carpets. You can ones from Builders Warehouse for around R500 and are great for small spaces. Mops, buckets, brooms and a dustpan, to clean the tiled areas, like the kitchen. Iron and ironing board - invaluble items! Cleaners for every surface in you apartment. You want your place clean when your friends come over.

Lastly you will need a washing machine and washing powder. Without a doubt one of the best manufactures is LG. Their fuzzy logic technology is the amazing and my clothes have never felt this clean.


I created this checklist, that you can use to help you when you are buying items for your new place. You can download it here

I hope this post and checklist will help you when you move into your new place. 

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