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Friday, 20 April 2018

Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted my own library. I remember giving all my books numbers and seeing how many I could collect. Although that was many years ago, I still collect as many books as possible and I still want my own library at home. Some women collect shoes and would die for a walk in closet filled with them, but me? I'll take a walk in library any day.

So how do you achieve the perfect space for your home library? Is it just a few bookshelves stuffed in a room? Not at all. You want your library to be a comforting place where you can find refuge from the world. I always imagined my library would contain wall to wall bookshelves with a large sofa and a really comfy occasional chair. A fluffy rug, coffee table and good lighting.

Many times people want to combine the library with a desk or home office, and that would be a great idea for people who work from home but I want my library to be free from any electronics that can steel my attention away.

Let me show you how easy it is to achieve a perfect and simple library at home. To get started you will only need a few pieces to get the look. After that you can decorate the room how you like. I would have tons of scatter cushions, fun artwork and a few flowers.

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I would always suggest going with neutral colours for your larger items, like your couch and bookshelves. These will help bring the room together. To add colour too the room, buy scatter cushions, artwork and ornaments in the colours you have chosen. Always remember to keep colour combinations in mind when choosing colours. Also the mood you want to create.

If you want a light and airy room, furniture in light colours combined with bright colours. If you want to create a dark room, I would suggest furniture in dark colours and choose your richer colours. I will have a post up soon about colour combinations and how to pair different colours. 

When buying books, it is always great to buy a new book. But there is something about giving a loving home to a used book. I love looking for good secondhand books at the Red Cross, flea markets and secondhand shops. For all my new books I vary between Exclusive books and Bargain books. 

As Plato said "A house with a library has a soul." A library is an investment in your soul and your mental health. 


  1. I would also love to have a library!

    1. It is just the best. Somewhere to escape reality. Thank you for reading.


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