Colour for Winter - Emerald Green

Friday, 13 April 2018

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Have you ever seen a colour on a piece of clothing, and instantly fallen in love with that colour? While recently searching for winter knits on Cotton on, I came across this beautiful green knit. I was instantly obsessed with this colour. 

My closet consists mostly of neutral colours, like greys, blacks, whites and navy blues with the odd purple thrown in. As my son diligently put it a couple of weeks ago, while I was looking at knits at Woolies, "mom that isn't a colour you wear." Duly noted my angel. 

This colour comes in so many hues. From the lighter emerald greens, to the darker, like the knit above. This colour will be great as an accent colour to a neutral wardrobe. It will also be great as statement pieces in interior design. Think two occasional chairs. Or a emerald green splash back over your sink. Pair this with copper colour and your interiors are made.

I will definitely be looking for this colour more when shopping for change of the season items. I usually go for gem colours in winter. Purples, reds and blues. This beautiful emerald green definitely goes in that list. 

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