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Wednesday, 2 May 2018


As I have grown older, I started looking for products that suited my skin type. I focused on fine lines and my enlarged pores. It was a struggle but I found products that suited my skin. I use these products daily and I doubt I would ever change them.

Daily routine

In the morning's I shower and once out, I wash my face with the African Extracts - Rooibos soap. It is natural and makes my skin feel soft and smooth. I use it with a micro fibre cloth. I use the cloth in gentle, circular motions. This removes all the trapped dirt from my face.

I then gently pat my skin dry with a soft towel, never rubbing the skin as this causes wrinkles. I then apply my Nivea Soft moisturiser to my face, neck and decoltage area. My dad always told me your neck is where you can truly see how old a woman is. 

That is my daily routine done. I have abandoned my foundation and embraced my natural skin. My skin is healthier for it. When I have a zit (thanks Lady in Red) I use a concealer to cover it. I do my brows and apply mascara.

Night Routine

When I get home, I use either a facial wipe or a cotton round with micellar water to remover my mascara and the daily dirt on my face. I then again wash my face with the African Extracts - Rooibos soap and my micro fibre cloth. And dry with a soft towel.

I then apply the Sorbet Age Affect Power Serum. This serum contains active peptides and vitamins that I feel works better at night. I then apply the Eylure brow oil to my brow, which helps them grow.

Weekly Facial

Sunday mornings are my pamper times. I start by filling in my brows in the shape I always do daily, then I pluck the stray hairs away. I use this technique as it makes sure that I don't over pluck my brows. I got this technique from Jaclyn Hill and have been using it all along to get my brows the way I want. 

Then I use the Body Shop Liquid Peel to exfoliate my face. I love this peel so much. It makes my face feel like silk. Many people complain about the beads that form on your face, but that is the peel removing the dead skin. To remove them, just use warm water on your micro fibre cloth. It takes them all off. 

I then apply my Freeman masks. I first use the Revitalizing peel off mask. I am like a child and love peeling it off. Then I use the Manuka honey mask. This hydrates my face. I use my jade roller give the mask deeper effect. Once I have rinsed the mask off, I apply the Sorbet Power Serum again.

This routine has worked for me for a while and my face has only seen benefits. It always takes a while to find the right fit for your skin type. But once you do, your skin will forever be greatful. I also think evaluating you skin once ever six months, is a good idea. This way you can adjust your products to suit your skin type. 

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