Crystals ~ Choosing & Using Them

Monday, 28 May 2018

Something that people don't know about me, or maybe it is because I don't particularly like having to explain to everyone, is that I am a Pagan. It is my religion and I am very proud of it. For me part of being a Pagan is using crystals to balance my energy and bring peace and happiness. 

I know many people are skeptical and say it is a lot of bull but to each their own. I thought I would give you a list of ways to use them and which are the best ones to use for beginners. You don't need to be a Pagan to be able to use them.

Crystals for beginners

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is called the Love stone. It promotes romantic and self-love. It is also the stone of the heart chakra. It sends vibrations of love, happiness and harmony. My son found this raw rose quartz for me a few years ago and I have always kept in my bag. I have a rose quartz ball that I got when I was about 20. 

I find that when I carry them around with me I feel happier and seem to be a little more confident in myself. When I battle with loving myself, I like to hold this stone near to me. 


The quartz has been known in history as a healing and purifying stone. They can take on the energy of any situation and can heal your aura to help any underlying irregular symptoms. They are brilliant for your emotional well being, helping to stabilize you when you are anxious or nervous. 

When I have headaches I like to lay down and place a quartz crystal on my forehead. After about 20 minutes my head feels so much better.  


I love my birth stone, Amethyst. Amethyst is a calming stone which can calm you emotionally, spiritually and physically. It promotes peace within yourself. 

I bought myself this crystal a few years ago and never take it off. I suffer with anxiety and I feel very centered when I wear it. 

How to use crystal

* You can hold your crystal during meditation. While meditating the crystal will resonate with your soul and spirit, and will help with deepening your meditation.

* Crystal grids. I use this to help clear the energy in a space. I did this when I moved into my new place. I used crystal that would help clear negative energy and create a tranquil environment.

* Carry them with you. I do this always. Usually in a locket around my neck. I choose a crystal with the properties I feel I need for that day. 

Cleaning your crystals

Because crystals can carry old energies with it, it is good to cleanse your crystals every so often. I bathe them in salt water for 24 hours and leave them under the full moon light. This will release all the energy and the full moon with recharge them. 

* Please note that I will advise to use crystal above medical help. Please see your doctor before turning to alternative medicines.

Starting with the above crystal will slowly introduce you to crystals and their different energies. To buy your crystals, I would suggest Earthstone, Fire and Ice in Monte Casino. For Durban, Cosmic Crystals in Howick and Cape Town, Ancient Ways in Knysna. 

I hope you explore using crystals in your daily life. If you already have, please let me know how you feel when you use them and which ones are your favorite. 

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