Royal Wedding - Harry & Meghan

Monday, 21 May 2018


As the long awaited Royal wedding arrived this weekend, I waited (along with everyone else) for the first glimpse of how Meghan would look. It has been a much anticipate look, and a look that would undoubtedly influence wedding dresses for years to come. I remember before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge got married. I was so excited to see Kate's dress. For me she was the epitome of elegance and she is still my favorite today after Princess Diana.

The Dress


When I first saw her dress I was a little underwhelmed. I was hoping for some lace detail somewhere on the dress. But the dress grew on me and I can now say that I really think this dress suited her. She really did look like a modern princess. I loved the bateau neck line of the dress. It was simple and elegant. Something I feel every bride should strive for, especially a royal bride. 

Her veil was said to be 5 meters long. Princess Diana's veil was 7.62 meters long. Meghan's veil was embroidered with protea's and other flowers. 

The Makeup


There are a lot of people that are very disappointed with Meghan's makeup. Too plain and not enough foundation and the list goes on and on. I think her makeup was absolutely breathtaking. As a makeup artist, I was so glad that they kept it to a natural elegance. A makeup look that would be appropriate for years to come. Just like Grace Kelly, who's wedding makeup is still a hit with brides today.

For all those saying that she is a Hollywood star and should have had more false lashes or some contour, all I have to say is that choosing trends for your wedding day is not the way to go. A trend that is happening now will definitely not be on trend in 50 years time. Not the cut crease and glitter and definitely not the heavy Instagram makeup that is prominent today.

My favorite guests at the wedding


My absolute favorite duo at the wedding! The Duchess of Cambridge is just pure elegance. I love her look and no it isn't white, it is off white, almost a pale yellow. And Princess Charlotte! She brought a smile to my face more than anything at the wedding. Her cheeky side definitely came out, especially when she pulled her tongue out. I love them both.

I knew Victoria and David would show up looking beyond stunning! Victoria looked elegant in her navy blue dress and sophisticated fasinator. David looked handsome in a tailored suit. Together they were just my favorite couple. 

I knew Harry and Meghan's wedding definitely wouldn't be as traditional as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Will being the elder brother and the Queen's oldest grandchild, his wedding was always set to be larger and more royal. But I felt this wedding definitely represented both Harry and Meghan. When I think of them, this is the wedding I envisioned.

*Photos via Getty Images

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