Inspired Interiors - Jewel Tones for Winter

Friday, 18 May 2018


Winter has finally come. I love winter and I especially love changing my room up for the colder months. I like to go from white and spring colors to more darker, jewel colors. For me it is all about hygge and creating a space where I feel cozy. 

When choosing my color combination for my room, I always like to choose a color I am loving at the moment and then build on that. I usually choose two colors and a metal. Being an interior designer, I choose colors that work with each other. Either monochrome, complimentary, analogous or split complimentary. Monochrome is very in right now but I wasn't feeling it this year, so I decided to go for split complimentary. 

I choose Teal and Purple, then choose my copper from the yellows. I didn't want to go with gold so I choose copper. These colors work really well with each other. 


When I chose pieces for my room, I start with duvet. I have to have a comforter and not a normal duvet. I chose the one down below from Mr Price Home. It was only R 299.99 for a queen size. I had a purple blanket that I have had for years and I incorporated with the teal. I also love accenting with candles and new candle holders. 


Do you like to change up your interiors with the change of the season? What colors have you chosen for this year? I would love to know about your interiors.

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