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Friday, 4 May 2018

If you know me, you know I love anything spinach and feta. If you want to get into my good graces, make me anything with spinach and feta. I love the La Med pizza from Pizza Perfect but my favorite is the mini spanakopita from Fournos in Hyde Park. Just to die for. 

I thought I would share my recipe for a very creamy spinach and feta. You can use it in bakes, cannelloni pasta and on pizza. 


* Bag of cut spinach
* Small cube of feta, crumbed (I use the one without brine)
* 1 Onion, cut into small blocks
* 250 mg cream
* 2 tbsp self-raising flour
* 200 ml water
* salt and pepper to taste


* In a pot, steam the spinach till wilted. Once wilted, chop up.
* In a sauce pan, bring the cream to a slow boil.
* Take the 2 tbsp self-raising flour, in a small cup, and mix with water. Till no lumps.
* When the cream is boiling, slowly add the self-raising flour mixture, stirring with a whisk till thick.
* Once thick, remove from the heat and season to taste. 
* In a pan, fry the onion till brown. 
* Add chopped spinach to onions and mix.
* Add the cream to the spinach mix and stir well.
* Add in your crumbled feta and mix.
* Add salt and pepper to taste.
* Remove from heat and move to a serving bowl.

It can be enjoyed like this or added to any dish. This is my fool proof recipe and something I will eat when I'm not really in the mood to eat. I would love to know your favorite recipes and foods.

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