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Tuesday, 15 May 2018


People always tend to ask me how old I am. While I'm standing in the line at the garage, "Shouldn't you be at school? Oh no I'm 28." or when they find out I have a child of 8. Usually I get weird looks, then I need to explain that I am actually 31. 

I never feel like I'm 31. I always need to remind myself that I am actually in my 30's. Am I in denial? Not at all. But I don't think I will ever lose my youth or keep myself from feeling 20. They say age is all about how old you feel. Take my dad for instance. He is 63 but can still redo an entire car engine by himself. He has copious amounts of energy and can't sit still. Apart from his grey hair, you wouldn't say he is 63. 

I really believe that aging is all in the mind. If you keep your mind and soul young, you will never actually age. So what do I do to keep my mind and soul young? 

Read YA Books

Cheesy I know, but I can't see myself reading crime novels. I love Young Adult and New Adult books. My absolute favorite young adult book is Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. A coming of age story about first love. I love these types of books and it keeps me young because I feel like I am still in high school. This keeps my mind and soul young.

Playing games with my son

We tend to have food fights, play with mud and spray each other with water guns. It's all about fun and games. Parenting isn't just about being a mom and being strict but also about having fun with each other. He keeps me on my toes and keeps my mind young. Constantly having to talk about lego and other kids things.

Not stressing

I have had to learn this the hard way. When I was younger, I used to stress about my family and this was something that made me feel very old. I realized that stressing doesn't help at all. It kills the light in your soul and makes your mind age quicker. Just remember, everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

Find something that gives your soul purpose

It can be a hobby or a career. Just find something that ignites the spark in your soul. For me it is reading and writing. I'm not a series watcher and would rather cuddle up and read. Or work on my book.

Remember age is a number and if you think yourself young, you will feel young even though you age. 

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