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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Perfumes are very personal and can make a great first impression. One thing I learnt while working in the perfume store layering perfumes. This is a fine art and something I love doing. But instead of using two perfumes, I use a body mist and a perfume. 

How to layer

My go to fragrance at the moment is the Narciso Poudree. It is sensual and very elegant. I start with the notes of the fragrance. Finding out what they are, is a great way to choose the correct perfume or body mist to layer. Poudree's notes are Bulgarian Rose and White Jasmine as top notes, Powdery Musk as heart notes and Vetiver and Cedar as base notes.

Working with these notes, I choose note that falls within the same family as either the base note or the heart notes. The reason for this is that once you have applied your fragrance, the first notes are the top notes which disappear within about 3 hours but your heart and base notes are the ones that linger.

With the Poudree, I used the musk and choose vanilla as they are within the oriental family. This will make the perfume linger longer and also heighten the the fragrance of the perfume. 

I love the Fragrance of the World website, because it give you a breakdown of all the fragrance families and notes.

Body Shop Body Mists

I have fallen in love with these body mists. The sillage is amazing. I spray the Vanilla body mist on first and then let it settle for about five minutes. There after I use my perfume and this lasts the whole day. My colleagues know where I am in the office just by my scent. It isn't too over powering and just smells great.

The body mist from the Body Shop are R 150.00 each.

Perfumes I would layer

If you are not one for buying a range of body mists, I would highly recommend the fragrance, Juliette Has A Gun Not a Perfume. This perfume was made to be layered with all perfumes and only has one not, Ambroxan. We used to layer with all our favorite perfumes. Only available at Metropolitain Cosmetics in Sandton, Hyde Park, Melrose Arch, Parkhurst and online for R 2120. 

Have you tried layering fragrances and perfumes? Did you like it? I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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