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Wednesday, 16 May 2018


About two months ago, I decided to stop wearing foundation. It wasn't a rash decision but more of a logical one. Every time I wore foundation, my skin would flare up and I would get a pimple outbreak on my skin. It wasn't a specific foundation, but rather every foundation I tried.

I hated that I would have to use more products to cover up the pimples, thus causing more breakouts. Plus no matter what foundation or technique I used, it would always split and look terrible. When I didn't wear makeup for a week, my skin looked amazing. So I thought I would test it out and see what my skin would look like after a month. I found skincare products that would work with my skin type and that was all I used. After one month without foundation, it became two months and I have never been happier. I have seen quiet a few benefits and I would encourage anyone to try it.

My skin is clearer

There is no need for foundation in any case, as my face has become so much clearer. My skin tone is even and even the pigmentation has started getting better. A combination of not applying layers of product and using the right skincare has really helped.

Blackheads disappeared

I didn't think this was possible but my blackheads are disappearing. I used to have quiet a few on my nose and none of those fancy pore strips worked. About two weeks after I stopped wearing foundation, I noticed the blackhead disappearing. I first thought I was seeing things but after two months I have nothing on my chin with only a little on my nose.

Wrinkles are less

This has more to do with the products I use and the fact that I don't have to use harsh methods to remove my foundation at night. All that pulling with either cotton pads or wipes isn't good for wrinkles. I am using products high in hyaluronic acid that helps with moisture. I love the Sorbet Age Affect range for wrinkles and fine lines.

I love the condition of my skin and am very glad that I have decided stop using foundation.

Have you tried to go without foundation? I would love to know how you felt about it? Were you self conscience? Did you see benefits?

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