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Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Being a single mom to an inquisitive young boy, I would love to show him the world. Take him to see our beautiful country and even show him the stunning Jeffrey’s Bay where he was born. But with the economy the way it is right now, there is just no money for it.

I can see it now. Taking a flight from Johannesburg to CapeTown, renting a car and having a road trip. Seeing all that the amazing Garden Route has to offer.  Learning to surf at the Hermanus Surf School and then seeing the fairies at the Sulina Fairy Sanctuary in Swellendam. At Sulina, you can adopt a fairy. It is fun for the whole family. We can then make our way along the coast stopping at all the shops before making our way to Knysna. The quaint little town that captured my heart a few years back. Then taking him to meet his cousins in Joubertina before finally seeing Jeffrey’s Bay. Home of the J Bay Pro and the legendary Super Tubes.


This is my dream for him but flights are expensive. Or so I thought. I found out that you can save money just by knowing the best time to buy tickets. With TravelStart and their extensive research, they found the best time to buy an airline tickets are on a Tuesday and Wednesday. You can save up to 15%. Now correct me if I am wrong but that a great saving. Money that can be spent on your trip. Also booking to fly during either February or August will get you the cheapest flights.

Don’t book on the weekends as there is no saving there. And I know it is very tempting but try not to book your tickets for the holiday seasons. Rather save your leave for the above mentioned times. Not only will the flights be cheaper but you will also get out of season rates for accommodation. Another bonus!

Extra Tips to help you book you flight and save

* Keep a watch on the oil prices. These have an effect on the price because of the price of fuel.

* Don’t book too many month in advance. The best time is 6 weeks ahead. Booking between 3 and 6     months can save you up to 14%.

* Fly on major holidays. I know I said stay away from the holiday seasons, but if you really do need       to fly then, choose a major holiday as you are likely to get cheaper seats.

Check the infographic below for more tips.


TravelStart will also hold you tickets for 48 hours, in case a better deal appears on their website. How awesome is that?

I am off to book that road trip for me and my son with TravelStart, and seeing as though it is Wednesday I can save some money.

*In collaboration with TravelStart.

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