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Friday, 8 June 2018

Featuring artists on my blog, has long been something I wanted to do. I feel that upcoming and new artists need the exposure. I will be featuring photographers, makeup artists, fine artists and basically all new artists.

First up is Bronwyn from Bronwyn Dauth Photography. This talented young lady is extremely talented. I may be a bit biased as she is my cousin, but her photos have captured me from the beginning. She has this way of taking photos that makes me think and analyse everything.

Tell us about yourself 

My name is Bronwyn Dauth. I am a young photographer and an aspiring author, who currently lives in South Africa. I studied at Vega school of Photography and completed my two years there. I have hopes that I will start a new venture in my studies – one that will hone my writing skills.

I have a true love for capturing the world around me, in one form of another. My love of photography came when I was younger, and I took photographs on old disposable cameras. My love for writing came from the stories I read as a child and the games I would play, where I would make up entire worlds of my own.

Where did you study photography

I studied at the Bourdeax campus in Randburg at a school called Vega.

Why did you choose to study photography

I chose photography mostly on a whim, finding a way to put one part of what I loved into the world. I loved writing about what I saw in the world, and how I saw it (still kind of do), but I had never had the courage to actually show it to people. I figured that photography was a good start to showing people how I saw the world.


What is the most challenging part of being a photographer

Photography in itself is a challenge, but to be a little more specific, it mostly comes when its time to find new clients or keeping them. Other times, it is finding a new way to show something that hasn’t actually been seen before. Overall, it is a massive grey hair in the face of the world.

Describe your photography style

I wouldn’t say that I have a set photography style. I may prefer black and white from most styles, but when it comes to colour, I truly love a richer style to the airy white style. I also prefer the more natural state of the photographs, and will often forgo heavy editing – mostly only tweaking a few aspects of the overall photograph.

Which photographer influenced you the most

I do not have only one inspiration when it comes to photographers. For my landscape photography and my black and white photography – I find my inspiration from Ansel Adams.


The same can be said for my black and white photography.


My inspiration for my ‘fantasy’ photography is adapted from Margarita Kavera’s work.



My inspiration for my portraiture comes from more than one photographer. I find inspiration from photographers such as Dan Beal (Instagram: danbeal_), Annie Leibovitz, and Jenna Echakowitz (Instagrams: interstellarecho & jennaleahphoto)


What inspires you

My inspiration comes from many things, places and people. Mostly, the things that I cannot explain inspire me. I find inspiration in that which is all around me.

Where do you see yourself in five years

In five years time, I hope to be truly happy in a life that homes both my love for my photography and my writing. I wished to have a career in both writing and photography. I hope that I am well received in my writing career and quite comfortable in my photography career.


Are you working on any exciting photography projects

I have as few as several projects in the works. One that I hope to get done soon is a nighttime shoot with my sister-in-law on a bridge – she will be doing ballet. Another one is a portrait shoot – or another dancing shoot – with coloured smoke bombs.

What is your favorite photograph you have taken

One of my favourite photographs was taken when I started the series for #metoo. The Me Too initiative is one that shows young girls and women that it is safe to speak out against those who have hurt you in any sexual way. The initiative makes it easier for those who have had to go through this to tell their stories on a platform that does not judge them. I have a true love for this initiative, being one who has gone through this myself.


You can view Bronwyn's photography on Instagram. You can also visit her website and see her work there. 

If you have any other artists you would like me to feature, or if you would like to be featured, please send me an email and I will contact them.

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