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Wednesday, 13 June 2018


If there is one thing I see often is that people battle with blog photography. Especially if you are a beauty and lifestyle blogger. Getting the right images and styling the photo right is hard work. Although some make it look very easy. I know Elysian Life has only been around for a few months (how could I know about blog photography, right?) but before Elysian Life I had a beauty blog. I take all my photos with my iPhone. I'm a single mom, I don't have money for a DSLR. I will show you my tips and tricks. I will also share the links of bloggers who take amazing photography.

Camera - DSLR or iPhone

Although having a large DSLR with over 20 mp is amazing, not all of us can afford it. The iPhone 7 plus I use has a 12 mp camera that takes pretty amazing photos. Of course as technology advances, so will the cameras in our phones. Already the Hauwei P20 Pro has a 40 mp camera. The specs of the camera is usually the first thing I look for in a phone. 


This is invaluable. Everyone who wants to take flatlay's with a iPhone needs a tripod. It will help you with stabilization for clearer photos. You can buy one at most camera shops but I love creating things, so I found this awesome DIY on Pinterest. Using PVC pipe to created a stand and having a few lengths to control the height. I am busy designing one to take pictures from the sides. I will do a DIY post soon.


Ah the dreaded lighting. Natural light is the best. I shoot all my photos in the morning or in the afternoon. I never shoot between 11 am and 1 pm, as the light is too bright. If you have a day where there is no sun, you will need to invest in lights. You don't have to get studio equipment but get a bulb that mimics natural light. They sell them at builders warehouse. Also invest in a silver reflector. This helps bounce the light onto the photo. You can make one from a piece of board and a piece of tin foil.


There are so many different items you can use as a background. From table tops, tiles, pieces of material, wood... the list goes on and on. You can make a fake marble background using an artist canvas board and marble contact paper. I also like to use tiles. You can ask your nearest tile shop if they would sell you a single tile. Try to get the largest ones you can. You can also use your fluffy carpets. I want to get a shaggy carpet just to take photos on.

Blog Props

This is where you can have fun. You can add almost anything you want to your photos. You can go with a theme and add props in line with the theme. I love fresh flowers. Not always roses, but one's I have picked from the garden or my neighbors. If you are a beauty blogger, buy yourself a few makeup books. The photos in there make awesome props. You can use crystals, cups, stationery, bowls and fruit. If you think it will work, try it. One piece of advise, don't make it too crowded. I like the open photos with a bit of blank spaces.

Rule of thirds

When using your phone I suggest using the grid to apply the rule of thirds. By placing the products at the cross junctions on the thirds, you will naturally draw your readers eyes to the product. This is a basic photography rule and one that works well.

Try different angles

Don't just do flatlay's. Try different angles. From the side, from below and every which way you can. I like to do the initial flatlay then I angle the camera closer and at a 45 degree, without moving anything. Thus zooming in on one item. There are no hard or fast rules. Just have fun and be unique.

Blur the background

I do this when I want to show off a products features. Like the tip of a brow pencil.  If you are using an iPhone, a quick way to do it is to press on the screen till you see AE/AF Lock. This will blur the background.


To edit my photos I use VSCO and Snapseed. I use VSCO more as I feel I have more control. Plus I love their preset filters. Here is a great online tutorial to use VSCO to your advantage. Once I have finished editing I transfer them to my PC and resize them on This is a free photo editor and great for people who don't have access to Photoshop.

Bloggers who take stunning photography

* Gemma Louise (the best flatlay's in the business)
* In the Frow (Queen hands down)
* A Girl Obsessed (I have only recently discovered her blog but her photos caught my eye)
* That's Totally Fetch (best local blogger with regards to photography)

I'm no expert but I hope these tips will help you with you blog photography. 

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