December Holidays - Mauritius

Friday, 17 August 2018


As this year draws to an end, with literally only 4 months left of the year, thinking about where to go on holiday this year has been kinda tricky. We have family all over the world and deciding who to spend time with is driving me insane. Although my heart wants to go to London – Christmas in winter with my friends, but Robbie he wants to go visit his cousins in New Zealand. Granted I do too but I’ve decided that I would rather go somewhere neutral. So this year we are looking Mauritius.

Why did I choose Mauritius?

Firstly Robbie has never been in a plane before. Not even on a local flight. Where as I have been flying since I was 11. My first experience of flying was in a 747 from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Benefits of having divorced parents, flying from one parent to another because the buses were not safe. I love flying and would love for Robbie to get bitten by the bug too. So that he can have a love for flying and want to travel the world.


Also Mauritius has a no visa policy for South Africans. One less thing for me to worry about.

* Did you know that Mauritius is one of the Top 5 destinations chosen by South Africans? Along with Harare, London, Windhoek and New York.

The culture in Mauritius

I am all about teaching Robbie the ways and cultures of different people. Learning to appreciate the way other people live and celebrate what makes them unique. With a array of different religions like Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist, Robbie will sure learn a lot.


Also all those different foods. Robbie is a fussy eater and I hope taking him on this trip will help him see that trying different food can be fun. I personally cannot wait to try the Creole and Indian cuisine. I am a fan of Indian food in particular. From the mildest curry to something really hot. I am also excited about the music. My mom brought me up on Reggae and till this day you will find a reggae playlist on my phone.

Activities in Mauritius

Kids get bored easily, and Robbie is no exception. He needs to be constantly stimulated. Mauritius has so much to offer young ones. There are different water sports, think water slides and learning to surf. There is also the botanical gardens of Le Jardin de Pamplemousse. Those huge lily pads fascinate me. Did you know that you can stand on one?

But I think Robbie will enjoy the Blue Safari Submarine the most. He is so fascinated with animals in the ocean. Especially sharks. He is constantly asking about different sea life. Why they look the way they do and how they live. This is surely something that will keep him entertained and also provoke his knowledge more.

Photo Credit: Heritage Resorts

And because we are a family that loves Golf, a round or two at the Heritage Golf Course doesn’t sound like a bad idea either. The Heritage Golf Course is home to the AfrAsia Golf Tournament, which is on the European Tour. Definitely a course worth playing at.

Booking your tickets

Here is where the pressure starts. When booking tickets you need to know the best time to book. (Check my when to book article here) You also need to decide on your flight routes and whether you want to fly direct or do you want to have a stop over? Luckily when flying to Mauritius, it is a direct flight. Which will definitely help with Robbie who has never flown before. But if you are flying to London or New York, TravelStart lets you choose your flight routes directly on their website. They have it all laid out for you, so you can choose the best option for you and  your family.


TravelStart is also having their Birthday Sale from the 27th to the 30th of August. Think amazing savings on not only domestic flights but international flights too. And on all the best airlines too. This is a sale you definitely don’t want to miss out on! Sign up for their newsletter and also download the app which is exactly what I am doing now.


So with Mauritius as our destination of choice for this years holiday, and flights sorted by TravelStart, all that’s left is choosing how many swimsuits I need to take with for our island holiday. Mauritius here we come.

*In collaboration with TravelStart

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