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Friday, 9 November 2018

I have always wanted to start a series for my blog. I thought a beauty series back when I started the blog. But since I started studying and finding my career, I thought what better series than one that focuses on helping others find their passion? To start off the series, I thought about being authentically you. In today's world, we are always trying to be like someone else. Trying to look like others and trying to live up to what other people are doing. Instead we should be looking inside ourselves to find the truest version of who we are. So how do you be authentically you?

Be kind to yourself

I am so guilty of being too hard on myself. When I feel like I am not good enough or in a slump, I have this bad habit of saying really horrible things to myself. "Maybe if you looked a certain way, you would feel good enough." Things like this. I have realised lately that, that doesn't do anything for me. All it does is make me feel 10 times worse than I already do. So I thought rather than being mean to myself when I feel down, why don't I rather say uplifting things to myself. See the good things within myself. Saying things like, "Yes, you might not be good enough for X, but you sure as hell are good enough for yourself. You are kind, you love like no other and you have a beautiful son that love you the way you are."  

Challenge yourself daily

Sometimes I feel like everyday is the same thing over and over. Get up, go to work, come home, spend time with my son, eat and then off to bed. I hate that feeling of being trapped. When you work a full time job, finding time daily to challenge yourself can be a challenge to say the least. I have found ways to do this. I find time daily to read. Even if it is just 30 minutes. I have started exercising, using the 7min apps. I have started complimenting others. This starts conversations with people I would never have spoken to in the past. 

Learn to say No

How many times do you want to say no when someone asks you to do something, not to be horrible but because you don't feel comfortable doing it? Or because we don't want to hurt that person's feelings. But all you are doing is hurting yourself in the long run. You need to find a way to learn to say no. You come first. Your own well being and sanity. And people will come to respect you when you learn to say no. Do it for yourself. 

Stop gossiping

I read a quote the other day, that said "If someone can gossip to you about others, they can do the same to you by others." When you hear a piece of gossip, rather let it stop by you than continue to spread it. Gossip always has a way of collecting tails. So the story that you might tell to someone else, might by so far from the truth and could not only hurt the person it is about, but you too, because you were part of spreading the gossip.

Take responsibility for your actions

We all make mistakes, the best thing we can do is own up to them. When things go wrong, which they will in life. You need to look inside yourself and ask yourself if you were in any way to blame for what happened. If you know the answer is yes, own up to it. Take the blame, and apologise. Believe me people, especially your seniors at work, will respect you more for admitting your involvement rather than you blaming someone else. Remember the truth always comes out.

Make a commitment to yourself

Create a manifesto to yourself. Traits you know you have in yourself and things you want to accomplish. Include ethics and morals that your hold true to yourself. Make this commitment to yourself everyday. Recite it every morning and believe it with all your heart. After a few weeks, you will have memorized it and it will be ingrained within you. Re-evaluate it from time to time, to make any changes. 

Be unapologetically you

This year I have learnt that you can be whoever you want. People may expect certain things from you but what you expect from yourself is way more important. Be who you want to be. Love who and what you want to love. Do what makes your heart happy.  Be unapologetically you.

I hope you will enjoy this series. Next week I will show you how to make a vision board wallpaper that you can use as your desktop and cellphone wallpaper. This will keep you motivated and keep you focused on your goals.

Remember you are a Goddess and you can achieve anything you want to.

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