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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

One of the features I love most about myself is my eyebrows. I know not really a feature but I have grown so hard on them and to get them into the perfect shape. I was catching up on my favorite YouTubers a while ago and came across Pixiwoo’s Soap Brow technique. After watching the video I became absolutely obsessed with the technique.

You achieve the kind of fluffiness that I always wanted to have. In the technique shown by Sam, she first applied the soap to her brow then she filled in her brows. I see how that would work, as you can add strokes to the sparse areas but I found that layering powder or a brow pencil over the soap wasn’t working for me. So I changed the technique a little and have been using this ever since.

My Technique

What you need

Bar of clear glycerin soap – the best one is the Pears soap. You can get it at Spar and Pick n Pay. It doesn’t leave a white residue. Just don’t use an opaque bar soap.

Two spoolie brushes – one for applying the soap to your brows and the other for combing them into place.

Makeup setting spray – I know you can use water, I just find that using a setting spray holds your brows in place longer.


I start with combing my brows through with a clean spoolie brush. This removes anything from your brows, like dry skin or makeup. I also suggest doing your brows after you have done your foundation and powder.

Here is where I change the steps up. I like to fill in my brows first. Whether with a powder product or a brow pencil. I find that if I do this step first, I don’t have the product laying on top of the soap.

Once your brows are filled in, you are now ready to apply the soap.

Spray on spritz onto the soap and with the other spoolie brush, rub the soap. You will see a layer of soap accumulate on the spoolie. Don’t put to much on the spoolie. Only a light layer.

Comb through the brows with the soap covered spoolie. Combing the brow hairs up to create that fluffy effect.

If the brows don’t seem like they are laying right, take the clean spoolie and comb them through to get the shape you want.

And viola, your brows are done.

PS. Don’t add more layers of soap as you will end up with a white residue even if you are using a glycerin soap.
I know dermatologists have advise that doing this can cause hair loss because the soap cause a lower ph balance in your skin but I have been doing it for a while and my brows are fine. Although it is probably because of the eyebrow oil that I use on my eyebrows every night.

Have you tried this soap brow technique? What are your thoughts on it? I would love to know in the comments below.

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