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Tuesday, 4 December 2018


Christmas is a time for fun, right? So I thought I would do a little would you rather post about Christmas. All in the name of fun and lightning the load off this stressful year. 

Have Elf ears or a Santa beard?

Ooh definitely elf ears. I always wanted them from the time I was small and then I saw Lord of the Rings and I wanted elf ears more.

Have Rudolf follow you around every day until Christmas or be followed by Frosty the Snowman?

I'll take Rudolf. Although I doubt he would last in this heat.

Wrap Christmas presents for 8 hours or help children take pictures with Santa at the Mall?

I suck at wrapping presents. So give me children in the mall with Santa any day.

7 hours of Christmas shopping or 10 hours of Christmas movies?

10 hours of Christmas movies! More time spent with loved ones than spending money.

Have a Red Rudolf Nose or a Frosty button nose?

Rudolf nose any day.

Ask everyone you meet their favorite color or smile really big at everyone and not say anything?

Ask people their favorite color. It can tell you a lot about people.

Watch Elf or It's a Wonderful Life?

Elf for sure.

Make snow angels or go ice skating?

Ice Skating all day every day!

Live in a giant Gingerbread House or in Santa’s Toy Shop?

Santa’s Toy shop! Imagine all the things you can do.

7 levels of the candy cane forest or sea of swirly whirly gumdrops?

7 levels for sure. Who doesn’t love Candy cane forest?

Eat only Fruitcake for a week or drink only Egg Nog for a week?

Egg nog for me as I hate the dates in fruit cake.

Candy Cane legs or gum drops for eyes?

Candy Cane legs hehe.

Large ornaments for earrings or a decorated wreath necklace?

Ornament earrings. Imagine the style!

Sing Jingle Bells once every hour for 2 weeks or wear an Elf costume to work for 1 week?

Elf costume then I can rock the elf ears.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas or Christmas Story?

How the Grinch stole Christmas for sure.

Wear a hat made of mistletoe or …or wear Jingle Bells on your feet for a week?

Hat of mistletoe for sure… Imagine all the kisses.

Mittens for hands or ski's for feet?

Mitten hands please. I can still drink hot chocolate with mittens.

Have your Elf on a Shelf talk to you or talk with your Christmas tree?

Talk to the Elf on the shelf. Imagine the stories he could tell of all the naughty things he gets up too.

Christmas lights for  fingernails or …Silver tinsel for hair?

Silver tinsel for hair. I love tinsel so much and I love grey hair. So this would work for both.

Home with family for the Holidays or Disney world by yourself?

Home with family. Family is so important and are only here for a little while. Disney world will always be here.

Sing Christmas Carols by yourself or sit on Santa's lap for 1 hour?

Well if he is a hot Santa then definitely sitting on Santa’s lap for any hour.

Be in a scene from Home Alone or Elf?

Home alone! I love playing pranks on people and would definitely help him catch the robbers.

Be an Elf at the North Pole or one of Santa’s Reindeer?

Santa’s reindeer for sure. All the places you could see flying around at night.

Snowed in with lots of family during the holidays or on a beach with just a few of your family?

Snowed in. I always wanted to see snow and have a white Christmas.

Spend 11 hours untangling Christmas lights or find the one light that is out on a string of Christmas lights a mile long?

Find the one light on the string. I am very impatient with tangles.

Bonfire and Smores or Holiday video and hot chocolate?

Holiday video and hot chocolate.

Play in the Super Bowl or perform in the Nutcracker?

Perform in the Nutcracker. I’m more artistically inclined than I am at sports.

Snowball for a head or 100 jingle bells for hair?

100 jingle bells for hair. I can jingle all the way!

Be an angel on top of the tree or a Jack in the Box toy?

Jack in a Box, so I can scare little children… my evilness has shown itself.

Spend a day with the Grinch or Jack Frost?

With the Grinch. He is so anti-Christmas. Like I am most times.

Go sledding or take a horse drawn sleigh ride?

Sledding. So many epic fail moments with lots of fun and laughter.

Naughty or Nice list?

Definitely the Naughty list.

Have snowflakes for eyelashes or ...icicles for teeth?

Snowflake eyelashes. Perfect for Christmas parties.

Have holly for hair or wear Christmas stockings for legs?

Christmas stockings – as long as people put presents in.

Wear ugly Christmas sweaters for 1 year or stay with the Abdominal snowman for 1 week?

Wear ugly Christmas sweaters for the year. I’m scared of the Abdominal snowman.

Frankincense or Myrrh

Myrrh. It is so warming.

Take a look at Santa's list or Peek at your presents?

Peek at presents. I hate surprises.

Laugh like Santa or talk like an elf?

Talk like an elf just to irritate everyone.

String a mile of popcorn garland or light & keep 500 candles burning at once?

String a mile of popcorn garland. So much easier.

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