My Bucket List

I saw this stunning idea from my friend Cals, over on her blog, Ellie Love Blog. I thought it was an awesome idea. So here is my bucket list. I will add and cross as I accomplish each one.

* See the Northern Lights in Alaska
* Watch the Masters at Augusta National
* Go to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
* Learn to speak French
* Go skiing at Val D'lsere, France
* Skydive
* Watch the sunset and sunrise for a year
* Take a hot air balloon ride over Harties
* Watch the sunset on Table Mountain
* Play a round of golf at Sun City
* Spend 2 weeks in London, UK
* Go stargazing in the Kruger National Park
* Ride the scariest rollercoaster's in the world
* Take cooking lessons from an Italian Chef
* Publish my book
* Go on a boat cruize
* Learn to play the piano
* Walk behind a waterfall
* Have a dedicated library in my house
* Create a time capsule and only open in 10 years
* Take a photo every day for a year
* Go to Pike Place Market in Seattle
* See Heaven's Trail in Ireland
* Go see the Hobit houses in New Zealand
* Go to Paris in December
* Visit the Red Light District in Amsterdam

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